Laurie Olefson and Lois Wolter met 10 years ago when they both had children at High Technology High School. The kids are now quite grown up and Laurie and Lois have formed a perfect bond. Laurie does the designs and Lois (aka "the genius") does all the technical stuff. You can always find them because they're always in front of a computer.

Create your presence on the web. We design smart, elegant one page portfolio and shopping carts sites and make them so you can maintain them. We will even teach you how, but if you know how to use a computer then it will come as second nature. We make it easy from getting you up there to making your own changes.


LAURIE OLEFSON | 732-219-0709 | LOIS WOLTER | 732-693-3241 | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it